Flashcards aren’t just for big kids learning their addition and multiplication tables. Strong number sense starts with having a firm grasp of counting and number recognition. These easy DIY flashcards take less than ten minutes to make and can have your toddler tightening up their counting skills in no time flat.

flash cards

What you will need: 

–2 sheets of paper


–Either a stamp or 55 small identical stickers

–Colored pencils or crayons

flash cards

What to Do

Cut the paper into 10 identical cards, about the size of playing cards.

Use the stamp or the stickers to create number patterns, from 1-10 on each of the cards. For the patterns, wither follow the image above or mimic those found on playing cards.

On the back of each card write the number, large and clear enough for your child to recognize it instantly.


First, simply have you toddler count the dots or shapes on on side of the card. Flip over to card to see if they counted correctly.

After a while of practicing, your child should begin to memorize the patterns, beginning with the simple 1, 2 and 3 cards. Eventually this can become a learning game of speed.

Do you do flash-card math with your toddler?

—Erin Feher