The struggle to keep your car clean and neat is real. Whether you’re taking the little ones to school, going on field trips or going to grandma’s for Thanksgiving, your gang spends a lot of time on the go. Take a look at some our favorite hacks for keeping everything from snacks and toys to books and other necessities expertly organized.

Clip It

One of the things every parent dreads about car rides are the spills. Yes, there's always the coffee and snacks to consider, but what about bags? One amazing way to keep your bags upright is to whip up a couple of these genius Seatbelt Clips from Little Miss Dexterous. Want to know what you'll need? Head over to Little Miss Dexterous for the how-to.

photo: Little Miss Dexterous

What’s your favorite car storage hack? Share your secret in a comment below!

— Natasha Davis

featured photo: Deb via flickr 

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