Fido and Fifi aren’t particular when it comes to pet costumes, and we’ve picked out a dozen of our favorite DIY Halloween costumes that are certain to delight your whole family. From high fashion to freaky furry, these simple ensembles put the “aw” in paw. Click through for inspiration on your pet’s next look.

Shaken, Not Stirred

Ok. We feel really, really bad about the whole cone of shame thing. But for a night or two of fantastically cheap thrills, add two soft green olives and enjoy the show. Nothing beats a puptini.

Cookie Monster

While the brown pups get the pot roast glory, the blue ribbon in the cookie category goes to all the white ones. Take it a step further and use food coloring to dye their fur green before sandwiching them in a cardboard cookie, and viola! A mint oreo you have!

Cool Cat

This feline brings some serious street cred to the table. With nothing but a child's baseball cap, some athletic attire (any toddler's should do), and a bit of bling, you can turn your kitty into the coolest cat around.

Pot Roast Pup

While we'd never actually put a pup on a platter, this one sure does look pretty darn good dressed up with roast carrots and potatoes. 

Fur Baby

If we're being honest, most of us have a pet who we still think of as our first baby. With nothing but a bib, a onesie and a pacifier, you can bring that belief to life for a night. We're pretty sure your pups will let you sleep more than the last baby to wear the onesie.

Scratch My Ears ... All Six of Them

What's better than a three-headed dog for a creepy critter? For extra effect, help your pooch don this outfit in the morning before the kids come down for breakfast on a school day. They might not eat anything before the bus run, but they'll definitely be awake for morning announcements.

Muttley Phelps

Go on, give that pooch a gold medal. Pets put up with a lot—especially in households with toddlers—so not even an Olympic committee would deny a gold medal for a good family dog. Add goggles, and you've got yourself a swimmer!

Nacho Average Costume

While this look works for any dog or cat (or bird or hamster...), really, it's perfect if you're the owner of a chihuahua.

Off to the Races

When you have a large dog in your household, you might sometimes feel like the path from your kitchen to the front door is a race track, especially when those Amazon boxes arrive. Go ahead and complete the look by adding a lightweight stuffed animal with goggles on it to a dishtowel, secure it behind your dog's collar, and watch that jockey go to town.

A Satisfying Saturday Night

When you've washed and dried your hair, rolled it and taken out your contacts, all you really need for complete bliss is a tub of ice cream and Netflix. This pup is halfway to nirvana. Or, for a scarier effect, turn your pup into the wolf in grandma's clothes. Either way, the rollers are a solid win.

Puppy Simmons

If you have a large wig and a tank top, you're all set for an evening with a furry Richard Simmons. But if you only have a wig—regardless of the 'do—you're still in luck. Dogs (or cats) with hair are amazing.


With a toddler's onesie, you can pull this off with minimal effort. Create hands to stick on the arms of the onesie (the little ones from the Tiny Hands board game would be ideal), slide their front paws through the leg holes of the outfit, and tie the neck to your pet's collar. The movements are hilariously lifelike, and there's no end to the "lookbook" of possibilities.

—Shelley Massey and Christal Yuen



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