Give your kids a crash course in music appreciation, and fill an afternoon with creative fun by helping them make their very own tambourine. Scroll down to find out what you’ll need (a few supplies and lots of imagination!), and your baby Beethovens will be hosting their own jam sessions in no time.


What You’ll Need

1. Stiff paper plates (we used Chinet lunch plates)

2. Curling ribbon— any color

3. Silver jingle bells

4. Marker pens

5. Stickers

6. Scissors

7. Fishing line

8. Hot glue gun (parental supervision required)

9. Hole punch


Design the Tambourine

Let your kids design their own tambourine using markers and stickers. Each plate will be a side of the instrument.

Assemble the Tambourine

tambourine_punchholescollage_music_national_redtricycleStep One

Measure and punch along the edge of the two paper plates. One spot at a time, use a pen to line up the location of the holes on each side of the tambourine.


Step Two

Using the fishing line, thread two jingle bells through each hole. Continue until every punched hole has two bells strung tightly.


Step Three

Curl strips of ribbon with the scissors and then using just a dab of hot glue, insert and secure the strips to the bottom of the tambourine.

Play the Tambourine

They’ll love the impromptu jam session that occurs right after the project is complete!


What is your kiddo’s favorite instrument? Share with us in the comments below.

— Gabby Cullen

Copy and images by Gabby Cullen