They soar through your little adventurer’s imagination breathing fire, challenging knights of the realm and guarding magical eggs against would-be thieves. In short, dragons are epic. And your half pint can’t get enough of them. Indulge her fiery dragon dreams with one of our favorite crafts. We’ve got all you need to know below.


1. After you decorate dazzling dragon’s eggs, pretend to be Harry Potter whisking it out from under the Hungarian Horntail’s nose, while your Gryffindor team cheers you on. Sian at can get you started with this one!


2. Bet you can’t guess what gives this Chinese dragon craft its scaly design. Find out at, where easy step-by-step instructions walk you and the Littles through this serpentine creation.


3. Cut and paste this adorbs no-sew dragon mask that’ll transform your mini spitfire into one fierce fire-breather. The ultra-talented crafters over at can fill you in on the deets.


4. Take to the skies when you engineer flying dragons. To complete this simple project, you need paper plates, paints or markers and a downloadable template designed by Print, cut, color, play!


5. Shield your mighty mini when he goes out to slay imaginary dragons with this cardboard project. Anna at walks crafters through the process to put it all together.


photo: Allison Sutcliffe

6. Paint gleaming dragon’s eyes with this painless craft. We love the big payout this quick, arty activity has for tiny dragon lovers. To make your own, check out the how-to vid Our Peaceful Planet posted on YouTube.



7. Create a fire-breathing dragon with leftover toilet paper rolls. spells out the need-to-know info to make this manually activated, monstrously fun craft.



8. Educate your preschoolers with this Dragon D craft. Designed by Allison at, it’s as simple as A-B-C-D to make!


9. Colored construction paper is the main ingredient for this delightfully easy-to-put-together dragon hand puppet, designed by Sarah at We love these playful guys!


10. Cut and paste a wearable dragon spine so your sidekick can really be in character while she plays through the day. is where you’ll find the necessary project deets.

Which one of these crafts are you going to try? Tell us how it goes in a comment.

—Allison Sutcliffe