Friendship bracelets are like good pals; they’re always a lot of fun no matter how many years go by. From simple braids to fancy twists and even a LEGO bracelet, we rounded up eight creations that are simple for kids to master and so gorgeous they’ll be displayed on arms all summer long. Flip through the album below to find your favorite design.

Fierce Five

One of the of the coolest things about the five-strand design is how the flip-flop braiding style makes the color choice pop. Using (yes) five different colors, Grace Atwood of The Stripe recommends keeping the thread super flat for a nice wide stitch. This is perfect for kids who want to learn the art of making bracelets but aren’t quite ready for an all day project. Find out how to make this bracelet over at The Stripe.

photo: Grace Atwood via The Stripe

Which style of friendship bracelet is your favorite? Share with us in a comment below!

—Gabby Cullen