It’s summertime! Are you planning to take a trip or two this season to enjoy the warm weather, time off and create new memories with family and friends? Staying healthy while on the road and not giving into airport/rest stop junk foods can be a challenge. It’s time to have some fun and take a break, but not from good nutrition!

Take control of the ingredients your family eats on your next trip by planning ahead. Consider making your own snacks before traveling to ensure that your family can enjoy all the yummy goodness they like best. Here are some of my favorite go-to options!

Homemade Granola Bars

My boys love granola bars, but often times store bought ones have ingredients I’d rather them not have. This bar recipe from Minimalist Baker is a favorite in my house and includes just five ingredients! So simple yet so delicious!

Fruits & Veggies

Frozen grapes and bananas are a couple of my family’s favorite fruit snacks. I skewer and freeze bananas when they’re ripe. They help keep the other veggies cool and fresh when packed together. Frozen mixed fruit can act as an ice pack and be devoured without leaving a trace. Now that’s fresh!

Homemade Trail Mix

Sometimes you just crave a sweet and salty snack. I like to mix hot spicy peanuts with the honey roasted, then toss in some raisins or other available dried fruits.


Freeze them overnight so they keep better. Fillings such as nut butter, cheese, or deli meat all freeze really well. Avoid jams, wet toppings such as lettuce and tomato or eggs (freezing makes them tough). Lightly toasting the bread first helps keep them tasty!

Regardless of where this summer takes you, you can bring delicious, nutritious food wherever you go! Need a way to pack it nicely for the kids? Consider placing all these options into an OmieBox hot/cold bento box to keep them fresh and cool for hours.

Featured Photo Courtesy: Nancy Yen