Chrissy Rucker

A first time mom and fitness enthusiast, trying to find balance between #momlife and my passion for fitness

Not only is the opportunity to be a mom a miracle in itself, but the way a woman’s body is able to change and prioritize the creation of life is simply beautiful. However, the reality is that postpartum isn’t always easy. A fitness enthusiast for over 5 years, I transformed by body to be as healthy and “”prepared” for baby when my husband and I decided to try and conceive. I was strong in the gym, my endurance was better than it ever had been—I loved my body!

My birth story is a little different than most. I delivered a micro-preemie at just 24 weeks via emergency C-section—my son arrived weighing just 1lb 10oz. I had gained 30lbs at this point and pairing weight gain with the painful recovery of a C-section, it took an extreme toll on my mental health. Regardless of my birth story, my postpartum struggles are like most new moms. Stress. Anxiety. Unfamiliarity with this new “”normal”” life. And like so many times before, fitness became my outlet.

But it was different…I had half the time, not much endurance, I lost nearly all my core strength and muscle tone and my body just didn’t move like it used to. For the first time in years, fitness was hard…really hard! But as moms do and do best…we adapt! We take charge and we forge on.

How I was able to take charge of my postpartum fitness journey:

Self-affirmations – My body may never be the same again, after all, it created a baby! But it is my body and I will love my body how it is.

Listen to your body – Instead of trying to fit myself into a thought of what I SHOULD be like postpartum, I let my body decide and take charge.

Nutrition – I ate with the main purpose of providing nutrients for my baby. Healthy carbs and fats such as oatmeal, eggs, lean proteins, and vegetables kept my milk supply up, and slowly allowed weight to come off.

Time – I used to know her, but not so much anymore. My workouts had to be simple, quick, and most times at home. I made sure to incorporate a balance of resistance band training along with free weights and cardio.

Stretch – Mobility is key, so I found stretching and keeping my body in motion was essential to a full and healthy recovery.


These are totally clutter free, can literally be hung on a wall or put away in a drawer. Resistance bands can be worn around your thigh or ankles for extra leg and booty tone and sculpting.

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Weighted Medicine Ball

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Jumping rope is a way to keep moving between workouts, keeping your heart rate elevated for more caloric impact.

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These are comfortable and don’t slip out of your hands. Dumbbells can be used to impact your total body and can also be used while walking.

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