Kids will enjoy creating their own secret boxes to hold all their treasures. Masking tape is a fun, easy, inexpensive material to work with and great for kids of all ages. Surprisingly, the shoe polish isn’t too stinky, and when rubbed lightly over the masking tape, it gives it the look of old leather. Shoe polish can stain clothes however, so be sure to use a smock.

What You’ll Need:
Masking Tape

Recycled Box

Brown Shoe Polish (use the kind in a tin, NOT the liquid)

Paper Towels

Black Paint (optional)

Metal Brads (optional)

Button (optional)

Markers (optional)

Scissors (optional)

Glue (optional)

Velcro (optional)

What To Do:
1. Cover the box with masking tape. You will probably need several layers. The top layer should be made from little pieces of tape.

2. Apply small amounts of shoe polish to the box using the paper towel. Cover the box with the shoe polish until it resembles leather.

3. You can use black paint to create “straps” on the box. (You can also color more tape with a marker and attach it to the box).

4. Decorate the box with metal brads and buttons.

5. Use markers and scissors to create travel stickers from the masking tape and attach them to the box.

Optional: Attach Velcro to the box so it stays closed.

Riley Roam is the co-founder (along with husband, Kenny Mikey) of Page Turner Adventures, Inc., a children’s educational media company that produces funny shows, videos, and online Programs that help kids Read, Write and Think Creatively. Visit her at and