Bad luck? No way! Show your little cat-lovers that black cats are full of fun with this easy black cat craft that’s perfect for the Halloween season.  Here’s how:


What you’ll need:

Paper plates

Black paint

Googly eyes (Red, yellow, or green are fun!)

Pink pom poms (small)

Paint brushes


Glue or tape


Step 1: Paint it black

Have your young cat-creators paint the entire back of a paper plate with black paint. Note: You might want to do this part the night before since it can take three to four hours for paint to dry (especially when it’s slopped on by little painters).


Step 2: Cut into cat pieces

Cut a crescent shape out of your plate to make the arched body of the cat. Use what’s left to make the face, tail, and whiskers. If you need a guide, just draw all the pieces on the back of the plate so you’ll know where to cut. You only need one plate per cat!


Step 3: Make it a cat!

Let your kiddos glue on the eyes, pom pom, and whiskers to the face of the cat. Then, using glue or tape, attach the head and tail to the unpainted side of your plate as shown.


Step 4: Run! Before the cat crosses your path!

Actually stay put. That’s just a silly superstition. Now’s the time to make sure your little ones know that despite their reputation for bringers of bad luck (so not true!), black cats need love, too!


Step 5: Get creative with your cat!

Now that your cat is finished, what are you going to do it? Here are some ideas:

– Make a candy bowl: Glue your black cat onto another paper plate and you’ve got a instant stashing spot for any leftover Halloween candy.

 Stage him: Can’t wait until December to stake out silly spots for your resident Elf on a Shelf (or Mensch on a Bench)? How about a game of “Cat in a Cabinet?” (We totally just made that up.) Put your black cat in various spots every day from now until Halloween. Whoever finds the cat gets to hide him for the next day.


Did you do this craft? What did you do with your black paper cat? Tell us in the comments section below!

— photos and copy by Melissa Heckscher