Sheet pan dinners offer the perfect shortcut when it comes to getting dinner on the table mid-week. Not only is clean-up easier when everything’s on one baking tray, but flavors intensify when roasted or baked. Whether you’re looking for easy school-night dinners, something for a special occasion or pot-luck essentials, sheet pans have the answer. Click through for 10 ideas to spark your creativity.

Hawaiian Chicken

Sesame oil is the pantry item you'll need for this tray bake from The Seasoned Mom. It combines pineapples, peppers and sweet potatoes for a fresh, sweet roast of Hawaiian flavors. When you're looking for an easy one-pan dish to lift the family's spirits, this is it. Head over The Seasoned Mom for the recipe and dinner's done!

photo: The Seasoned Mom


Do you have a favorite recipe that cooks up on a single baking sheet? Let us know in the comments below. 

–Emily Myers