In honor of moms everywhere, we put our heads together and came up with a killer list of little things you can do to assist the family CEO. From basics like finding a permanent home for dirty clothes to making sure her favorite ice cream is in the freezer, here’s what mom wants you to do—with absolutely no prompting whatsoever. Read on and get to work!

photo: R Kurtz via Flickr

1. Figure out dinner without asking, “Any dinner ideas?”  For real. Just once.

2. Put your glasses in the sink/dishwasher. Imagine a home where each family member doesn’t scatter half-filled glasses across the house. Sounds nice, right?

3. Put the toilet seat down. Because toilets are dirty. And it makes the bathroom look a lot nicer.

4. Water the plants. Giving plants their much needed tall drink is last on mom’s very long to-do list. You wouldn’t even have to tell her, she’d just know.

5. Pick up her favorite ice cream on the way home. Ben and Jerry know how hard mama works, and they want to say thank you.

6. Pack your own snacks. The day mom no longer has to divvy up crackers or mini carrots will be a great day.

7. Do the things you know you need to do without being prompted. ‘Nuf said.

8. Feed the dog. Mom shouldn’t be the only person making sure Fido gets his chow. She already handles that task for the rest of family.

9. Bribe the kids not to bicker. Seriously, if someone can please do this… 

10. Say thank you after the fact. Ever get the feeling that an immediate “thank you” is a slightly Pavlovian?  When you take the time to say thank you after the fact, that means the trip, gift, etc., was truly appreciated.

11. Help unload the groceries. You may think Mom is using the multiple trips back and forth to the car as her daily workout. She’s not. She would love help. Hint, hint.

12. Put dirty clothes in the hamper. Not on the floor, not in the hall, not under the bed. See the pattern here? Extra points for putting everything in the washing machine.

13. Clean up after dinner. Mom prepped the meal. Mom cooked the meal. Mom shouldn’t have to clean up after the meal.

14. Program the auto-brew function on the coffee pot. Make it easy for mom to get her morning caffeine. Even better, deliver said coffee to her bedside table. Trust us, it’ll benefit everyone.

15. Give her a hug for no reason. Because hugs are awesome, and moms happen to be excellent huggers.

What would you add to this list? Share with us in a Comment below!

— Gabby Cullen with Amber Guetebier, Julie Seguss, Ayren Jackson-Cannady, Shelley Massey, Beth Shea, Meghan Rose, Jesseca Stenson, Kristina Moy, Maria Chambers, Annette Benedetti,