Carita Fambro

Carita Fambro- Food + Lifestyle Blogger at Seasoned To Taste. Content featuring simplified recipes 'seasoned' with layers of flavor for busy families utilizing whole ingredients!

I’m a foodie at heart. I love connecting with people over a meal and sharing my love by making tasty dishes for them to enjoy.

I am a southern girl at heart and wear it proudly. I’ve been away from the south for some time having lived in Southern California, South Texas and now Seattle! I’m grateful for the experiences and memories I’m making and hoping that’ll show through my recipes. To me, food truly tells a story that connects with us all.

Pancakes are an easy meal idea for teething babies and hungry toddlers. Toddler Friendly Zucchini Pancakes are the perfect meal idea and an easy way to incorporate veggies! With the option to serve for breakfast, lunch or dinner, this recipe will become your go-to for years to come!

Get the recipe here!


I love these plates and bowls because they are durable and provide easy cleanup.They are also fun in color and the perfect size for growing toddlers!

Kids Bamboo Bowl + Plate Set

I use these plates and bowls with my little!



I love these utensils because they are the perfect size and ergonomically friendly!

Toddler Fork Knife + Spoon Set

The perfectly cutlery for growing hands!



I use this pan when the little is alongside as it's small and light in weight. It's also affordable and nonstick which makes for easy cooking!

Egg-cellent Nonstick Egg Pan 5.5 inches

The perfect pan to make these pancakes!



I love this table because it gives my little a sense of independence while eating and doing crafts.

Kids Craft Table

The perfect sized table for toddlers!