Your wishlist for your kiddo’s shoes includes: a great fit, durable enough to handle even the roughest play and a style that matches your little one’s unique personality. Bonus points if buying the kicks doesn’t require trips to multiple stores. Good news: EasyKicks, the only subscription shoe club for kids, checks all of your boxes and more. Read on to find out why we love EasyKicks and four great shoe picks for every age and interest.

What Is EasyKicks?
EasyKicks is the answer to your shoe shopping nightmares. Their subscription service ships shoes straight to your doorstep. Choose from a wide range of all-new Nike and Converse sneakers (new styles are added every week) anytime you want with available sizes ranging from sizes 4c to 7y. When your kiddo outgrows your current style, simply swap them out and return the old pair. There’s no need to worry about making shoes last longer than the fit allows, and it’s a great way to budget for shoes over the course of a year. With multiple price points, there’s a package for every type of family.

Since EasyKicks understands not every kid is the same, they’ve outfitted their shop with a variety of styles that are as unique as your kids. Here are noteworthy shoes to put on your radar:

For the All-Around Explorer: Nike Revolution 4 FlyEase

For the explorer of all ages and abilities, turn to Nike Revolution 4 FlyEase, designed by Tobie Hatfield, one of Nike’s most revered designers. This shoe features an easy-to-access wrap-around zipper that opens the back of the shoe near the heel-counter, making it easy to slide little feet in and out. Never worry about having to tie additional laces, which means your kiddos on-the-go can fully focus on their adventures.

For the Thinker: Nike Star Runner in Cobalt

Your little thinker always has her head in the clouds so a sneaker in cobalt tint/white-blue chill is only appropriate to match her thoughtful demeanor. This Nike Star Runner shoe will have your kiddo moving freely with support thanks to its stretch fabric upper and leather overlay. And, its comfortable foam midsole will leave your mini-thinker feeling like she is walking on clouds.

For the Creator: Nike Hustle D 8 JDI

Any creator knows that inspiration can strike at any moment whether you’re in science class or on the basketball court. In fact, if your little creator is outfitted in Nike Team Hustle shoe, all he has to do is look down and be inspired by the shoe’s classic colors and versatile functionality. With perforated panels to keep those little feet cool, this inspiring shoe will take your kiddo’s creativity to the next level.

For the Risk Taker: Converse CT High Star in Pink

She pushes her (and your!) boundaries daily and can’t get enough of embarking on new adventures. For your little risk taker, we love the Converse CT High Star in Pink, which is as bold of a shoe as she is. Whether she’s taking risks in the classroom or on the playground, this classic shoe will ensure comfort and stability.

For the Nostalgic Kiddo: Cortez Basic SL

First released in 1972, this style is reminiscent of its original form, but with a sweet modern twist. The Cortez Basic SL  is built with synthetic leather for durability and the rubber outsole is is cut in a herringbone pattern for extra traction. What was once a cutting-edge running shoe is now going to be the talk of the playground.

For the Traditionalist: Chuck Taylor All Star

This classic sneaker is loved by youngsters and adults alike. But for your little one who stays true to him or herself, the Chuck Taylor All Star is the go-to choice for comfort and style. 


For the Hustler: Team Hustle D 8

When it comes to back to school style, the Team Hustle D8 in Blue is the perfect choice for your little mover and shaker. Whether she's hitting the monkey bars, running from class to class or hustling on the basketball court, this shoe will provide her with enough comfort and durability as she goes about her day. 


For the Jet Setter: Star Runner in Red

For all the ways your little one explores, the Star Runner shoe is a must-have. From playing kickball at school to after-school basketball practice, this shoe's cushioning will have your kiddo feeling like they're walking on clouds. 


For the Multi-tasker: Roshe One

When it comes to versatility, the Nike Roshe One sneaker is a must-have in your kid's closet. From running errands with mom to laying low at home, this sneaker is a must-have. Wear it with or without socks, this design and sneaker is perfect for any occasion. 

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Copy by Erin Lem; photos courstey of EasyKicks




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