Whether your kiddo is a confident explorer, bold artist or imaginative dreamer (or perhaps, all of the above!), you’re looking for back-to-school styles that fit her personality. Turn to EasyKicks, the first ever kids shoe subscription model that will complement your kiddo’s unique sense of style and personality.

EasyKicks ships shoes straight to your doorstep, eliminating the hassle of back-to-school shoe shopping. Once your kiddo has outgrown her shoes or simply wants a new style, swap them out and return the old pair.  Our Red Tricycle team recently tested out EasyKicks. Read on to find out what they love about EasyKicks.

Durability and Comfort 

From Amber Guetebier, Managing Editor, “My son, Henrik is a natural-born explorer. Whether we’re at the library or hanging at home, he is always examining his surroundings and paying attention to even the tiniest of details. He is always up for a new adventure and is uber independent, which is why we chose the Nike Flex Contact.

The Nike Flex Contact’s velcro closures and elastic laces make it easy for Henrik to take the shoes on and off himself, which he loves (no need to wait for me when he needs to jet off to explore). I love that the shoe is durable and comfortable. Its knit upper is stretchy to allow Henrik’s toes to move naturally. That comfort was a huge selling point since our explorations take us from the classroom to the park to the library—sometimes all in one day!”

Henrik adds: It was so fun to get a box in the mail just for me. I love the shoes. I get to wear them all over the place and they’re really easy to put on. I like the color, too. Since they are dark I don’t have to worry about them getting too dirty when I am out playing.

Stylish and Creative

From Gabby Cullen, Senior National Editor,  “Ever since she was little my daughter, Mozelle has loved to create and it’s been so fun to see all of her ideas come to life. She loves to create with anything, whether it’s with LEGO or the huge box of crayons she has in her room. She chose the Converse CT High Star because it’s classic and stylish all at once (kinda like her!).

As she’s grown older her creative tendencies have taken her outside the walls of our home into our city. She loves taking photos and being photographed, especially with some cool murals we found recently. With the Converse CT High Star, Mozelle feels confident and creative.”

Mozelle says: I’m really excited to wear these shoes on my first day of school. They’re super comfy and I like how they go with all my outfits.


Modern and Colorful

From Sara Olsher, Marketing Director,  “My girl has a big imagination, which is one of the many reasons I absolutely adore her. She’s inventive and creative in all the great ways kids can be. When browsing the EasyKicks site, we decided on the Nike Ashin Modern because it’s style is modern and creative just like Charlie. Plus, Charlie loved the color.”


Charlie reveals: I just got two pet rats named Buttons and Whiskers. I love to play with them and make cool things for them, like a ramp and rope for them to climb. They sometimes need their rest so when I’m done I like to play outside. The shoes we got are perfect for all the fun things I do every day, and soon I can wear them to school!


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Copy by Erin Lem; photos courtesy of each Red Tricycle team member



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