There’s nothing you want more than to lick the ooey, gooey cookie dough off the spoon as you mix and blend soon-to-be baked awesomeness. But then there’s the whole raw egg/Salmonella thing.

Now Nestlé has an answer to your unbaked cookie dough woes—with a completely edible product. No heating required!

The new Nestlé Toll House Edible Cookie Dough comes in two sweet, sweet flavors—the classic fave Chocolate Chip, and a much more decadent Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Monster (which includes oats and candy gems).

Even though Nestlé is well known for making cookie magic, this dough is not meant for heating (so don’t try it). However you can safely spoon the chocolate chip goodness into your mouth without the fear of food-borne bacterial infection.

The edible cookie dough was spotted in Publix stores recently and according to reports, will eventually make its way to select Meijer and Walmart stores in July.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Looks Good Food via Instagram



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