Disney’s Frozen 2 is hitting your grocer’s freezer section—with new Edy’s ice cream flavors!

Like the film version of Frozen 2 which opens nationwide Nov. 22, the Disney-themed ice cream is still yet to make its debut. Reportedly, the limited-edition 1.5-liter containers aren’t even advertised on Edy’s website yet.

According to BestProducts.com, the Frozen 2 ice cream will come in two new flavors. These include Magical Mint Snowflake and ChocoOLAF Fudge Swirl.

Instagrammer @candyhunting described the flavors as, “Magical Mint Snowflake has mint light ice cream, a fudge cookie swirl, and snowflake pieces. Chocolaf Fudge Swirl has chocolate and marshmallow light ice cream, a fudge swirl, and Olaf candy pieces.”

So when can you pick up this frozen Frozen delight? For now, it looks like we’ll all just have to stalk the freezer aisle until it arrives!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: SophiaTreasurz via Instagram



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