photo: Inside Edition via YouTube

For most elementary school teachers, story time is an every day occurrence that isn’t particularly eventful, but for one California teacher reading a picture book out loud literally changed her life. Check out the video below to see the beautiful story that left her in tears of joy.

Melanie Goldsmith was participating in a faculty meeting at her elementary school in ‪Canoga Park, California when she  began reading out loud from a new book as part of a teacher training exercise. Goldsmith didn’t make it very far into the book, titled Making Memories, when she started to recognize the story as her own life. As the video, which was shot by the other teachers, shows, she became so overcome with emotion she couldn’t manage to finish reading and one of her co-workers had to take over.

Goldsmith’s boyfriend, and the author and illustrator of the tear-inducing book, Eric Hernandez, stepped in and popped the question. As he later explained to Inside Edition, knowing how great her passion was for teaching, he had planned the entire thing and enlisted her co-workers help in making sure it went off without a hitch. “I wanted to create something that would be very nostalgic and encapsulating all the things we had done together,” Hernandez explained.

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