Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree. Oh how we love you Christmas tree. That is, until we don’t. The holiday is over, the presents have been picked from under its gently falling branches and those pesky pine needles are…well, they’re absolutely everywhere. And it’s driving you crazy. But you feel kind of bad chucking the tree out with the trash.

There is tree recycling. Of course. But what if there was a way to recycle your tree that was also super-cute? If that makes absolutely no sense to you, then take a look at what some animal sanctuaries and zoos are doing.

Instead of chipping the trees and using them as mulch, they’re feeding them to elephants. And it’s adorable. As herbivores, these vegetarian animals stick to fruits, grasses and other plant-life. Oh, but they’re not dainty little veggie eaters. To support their massive size, a fully-grown elephant eats between 200 and 600 pounds of food every day. Whoa.

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee is in their second year of their now-annual Christmas tree drive. Not only does the tree drive give the elephants something to eat, but it also adds variety to their daily diets. Along with this, the Elephant Sanctuary’s drive gives the public the chance to help the elephants and learn more about them.

If you’re not totally sold on elephant-led Christmas tree recycling, check out this aww-dorable video. Seriously.

Would you donate your old Christmas tree to an elephant sanctuary? Share your thoughts in the comments below.