Sometimes, when it comes to catching up with family and friends, tablets and handhelds are a must. But what if your child could communicate with loved ones, near and far, with a new smart toy that does away with the added screen time? Keep reading for the details.

What It Is

ELFKINS is a new smart (and totally cute) robot that uses a kid-friendly screen-free interface to allow little ones to easily connect with family and friends. ELFKINS is designed to help foster creativity in kids, and eliminate some of the frustrations of keeping in contact with family and friends.

How It Works

After an easy set-up, kiddos can record and send messages to family and friends in their parent-approved social network with just a push of a button. Using the ELFKINS app, loved ones can send messages back, along with personalizing them with animatronic gestures and emotions. They can also choose the exact date and time for the delivery of their message. The ELFKINS app helps people come up with questions, ideas, and fun topics to discuss with kids. When children receive a message, the ELFKINS’ ears light up letting them know something has been delivered.
What You Can Do

  • Easy to use: It takes only minutes to set up and was created for even young children to use.
  • Works to develop communication skills: Without relying on a screen, children are encouraged to communicate verbally.
  • Helps spark conversations: The ELFKINS app features “activities” which give adults ideas to help entertain, educate, and spark a child’s imagination and mind.
  • Group messaging: The ELFKINS family circle allows children to set up their own social network and keeps family up-to-date on little ones’ lives.
  • Security and Parental control: Parents must approve any ELFKINS network connections so you can control whom your children can and cannot communicate with.

ELFKINS works for children of all ages and retails for $149.99.

Pre-order is available at, with delivery expected to begin in September 2017.

Would you try this with your kids?

– Felissa Allard