Sir Elton John has had more than just a singing career. The music icon has sung his way into fans hearts for decades. But sadly that will all too soon end. Okay, okay, he isn’t exactly ditching his music career. But John has decided to stop touring. The ultra-famous celeb recently announced that his three-year “Farwell Yellow Brick Road” tour will literally be a farewell.

Yep, Sir Elton John is ending his touring career. Even though his superstar status puts John on a totally different level than the rest of us regular ol’ folks, he still has to deal with plenty of the same issues that we have to.

Like many other parents, John seems to be struggling with work-life balance. A constant tour schedule (plus all of the other things that celebs have to do) has made it near impossible for John to spend time with his family — husband David Furnish and their two children.

John revealed to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “We had children and had changed our lives and in 2015 we sat down with their school schedule and we said I don’t want to miss too much of this.” Hmm. Sounds kind of familiar, right? Maybe like a conversation that you had with your S.O. Just minus the whole filling stadiums with fans part of John’s work. That is, unless you happen to be a major celebrity too.

So there it is. This will be John’s last tour. If you want to catch the show, tickets go on sale February 2.

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—Erica Loop