Allie Vasquez

I am a former high school Spanish and Mandarin Chinese teacher

I know that there is a high level of suffering going on in the world, but I also know that being the only curly haired person in a family of straight haired people is the pits. My mother decided that the only way to control my curls was to put my hair in a ponytail and separate it into 2 braids, which quickly got me dubbed as “The Helicopter” on the playground, where the boys would ask me to spin my head around like a propeller. Once I hit middle school, the kids in school told me I was gross because I didn’t brush my hair. I acquiesced to peer pressure, started brushing after gym class, and was then deemed “The Bush” by the boys in my science class, who would see how many pencils they could get lodged in it. Between dry brushing, chemical straighteners, and general triangle head from the ages of 8-15, I grew up hating my hair.

After I figured out the benefits of conditioning, washing my hair as little as possible, and embracing the beautiful imperfections that curly hair offers, I vowed to make life easier for my curly headed kids! While my personal curly hair routine requires more products, I have a very simple wash and go routine that I use when on vacation that more closely mimics what I do for my kids’ hair. First and foremost: we rarely ever shampoo. Curly hair is very naturally dry, and dryness creates frizz. I deep condition my own hair twice a week, and if you have kids who can sit through 20 minutes of it I would highly recommend it! My boys do not fit into that category. That’s why a leave-in conditioner is so important! I simply do not ever leave the house without it in my hair. Once I went to Rhode Island and as I got out of the shower I realized that I had left mine at home, so I ran across the street to the CVS in hotel slippers and a towel, sprayed some into my hair, and ran back to finish getting ready. It’s that important!

Finally, the key to curly hair is embracing the fact that it will never look the same two days in a row, and that’s okay! People with straight hair love curly hair because of how perfectly imperfect it is, and you should too.


Totally natural, made from spring water and essential oils, and perfect as a leave-in, refresher, or just to spray on your face and body when you need a mood boost! Perfect for kids who won't let you put anything in their hair - just mist them as they get out of the bath.

Witch I Love Your Hair

Witchy Curl Magic In a Bottle



I love the Denman brush because it helps with tangles, even product application, and feels amazing on your scalp. Since we don't brush our hair when it's dry, your hair needs a good brushing to stimulate circulation at the scalp to promote hair growth and to get out all the hairs that have fallen in between washes. Plus, this brush is very easy to clean.

Denman Brush

Yes you can brush curly hair - but only when it's wet!



Cotton has tiny looped fibers that grab, pull, and split your hair follicles. And if you're like us and don't wet your hair everyday, sleeping on a normal cotton pillowcase adds to frizz and doesn't allow you to go as many days between washes. If you have kids who are wild sleepers, or just wild in general and don't let you do anything to control their tangles, this is a good passive option for keeping those curls frizz free!

Satin pillowcases

Give your curls a break while you sleep



Shea Moisture products are my go-to for curly hair. They are all natural, and they work fabulously for all different types of curls. This leave-in treatment is easiest for me and my kids because I can spray it while they try and wriggle away from me, and it really moisturizes their hair.

Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Leave-In Treatment

Leave in conditioner will be your best friend! Don't leave home without it!