Get ready for another live-action Disney reboot. Walt Disney Studios recently released a sneak peek pic of Emma Stone as 101 Dalmatian’s Cruella de Vil in the classic flick’s prequel simply titled Cruella.

The younger, non-animated version of the infamous Disney villain will make her way to the big screen in 2021, courtesy of Stone. Like the original, Stone’s version sports two-toned black and white curls—and plenty of edginess.

So what should you expect of the film?  Stone teased, “It’s 1970s, set in London––can you get out of my eyeliner please?” The actress continues, “It’s punk rock. A great cast.”

If you’re totally on pins and needles waiting for this live-action film to hit theaters, you still have some time to go. As of now, Cruella’s debut date is set for May 28, 2021.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Walt Disney Studios via Instagram 



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