Amy and Randy English’s youngest daughter Haley Jones just moved out. While this might leave many parents running for the Kleenex, the new empty nesters rejoiced—with an absolutely adorable photo shoot!

Forget about birth announcement, gender reveals and baby’s first-year milestones. Empty nesting is the new cool when it comes to posting pics!

When 22-year-old Jones, who recently started her own photography business, moved from her parents’ home to a new apartment she celebrated the event by snapping these super-sweet shots. And the internet totally appreciates all of the empty nesting awesomeness.

So who had the idea for this genius photo shoot? Jones recently told HuffPost, “I had been wanting to take their pictures and Mama was joking about how they’re going to be empty nesters.” The daughter/photographer went on to say, “And then boom. This was the result.”

And if you already couldn’t tell that the Englishes are super-ready for their next life phase, Jones also added, “they’re excited to have some alone time and quality time to spend with one another without any kids around.”

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Baby Beats Australia via Instagram



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