Parenting leaving you feeling overwhelmed? There’s an app for that! Enjo is a new app for stressed-out parents that is here to make your mom life a little more zen.

When you’re having an especially hard day, sometimes it can help to just vent and get some words of support. That’s exactly what the new Enjo app is designed to do. The mental health app gives you an empathetic ear to listen when you’re feeling stressed.

Photo: StockSnap via Pixabay

“We believe the transition you make when you become a parent is so big—it’s one of the biggest transitions you make in life,” says Hoa Ly, co-founder of Enjo. “While it can be fascinating in many ways, it can also be lonely, isolating and frustrating at times.”

To get started, you answer a series of questions about yourself, including how many kids you have and their ages. It also goes a little deeper with questions like what you like about your friends and things for which you’re grateful. Once the app has all of your information, you simply access it anytime your feeling down or stressed.

You can tell Enjo exactly what’s wrong and why. The app’s chatbot will let you vent about your feelings and try to help you see the positive as well as offering some advice.

Photo: Courtesy of Enjo/Composite: Keiko Zoll

The app isn’t just there to listen when you’re down. It also acts as a way to document your daily reflections and talk about your positive experiences as well. It can help you learn to become more mindful of the positive things in your life so that when you’re feeling down, the app can offer some perspective.

The app is not meant to substitute a friend or therapist, but rather its intended to push new parents into making human connections. “We think it’s super important that humans talk to other people,” Ly said. “What Enjo does is to connect and reconnect you with people who are important to you.”

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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