You’ve mastered the art of DIY indoor forts, but now it’s time to take it outside. You can build an amazing fort right in your own backyard, and you don’t even need an engineering degree to pull it off. We’ve rounded up some of the coolest kid-approved outdoor fort ideas—just keep reading to get inspired.

A Homemade House

Kids can take fort design into their own hands with this amazing idea from Babble Dabble Do. They’ll love putting it together and painting it themselves. Get the step-by-step instructions by clicking here.

Keep It Simple

Bring the spirit of an indoor blanket fort outside with this easy-to-make version from Clean Rachel Wolf. After all, the less time you spend setting it up, the more time the kids will have to play. Click here for more info on how this one was made.

Up in the Trees

If you’ve got good trees in your backyard and DIY skills, then this tree fort from Hands On As We Grow might be the perfect fit for you. It’s the kind of fort that can be made in a weekend and added to over time. Click here to get more details.

A Cozy Teepee

Take a cue from Mama. Papa. Bubba. and craft this cute teepee in your backyard. With bamboo stakes, a king-sized sheet and clothespins, it’ll come together in five minutes. To get the instructions, click here.

A Secret Garden

Now here’s a fort like nothing we’ve ever seen before! Courtesy of Lasso the Moon, this natural fort is grown out of sunflower seeds so the kids will get to help and watch as their seedlings become a flowery haven over the course of a summer. Click here to get the 411 on how it’s done.

Cardboard Box Fort

This jaw-dropping fort by M2 Photo has us in awe—just imagine how many boxes you’d need! Of course, you can create a smaller version in your own backyard if you don’t have quite as many boxes hanging around. Get the scoop on how they did it by clicking here.

Just Hanging Around

This fort from Ikat Bag just might be your kiddo’s new favorite hangout spot. You can pick up everything you’ll need to make it at the hardware store, and your cozy tent will be ready in no time. Click here to get all the details.

A-Frame Tent

Try out this cool A-frame tent from Babble Dabble Do, made with a convenient fort-building kit. The building process is an awesome way to teach kids about architecture, and the hangout area that results doesn’t hurt either. Click here to learn more.

Twig Fort

How cool is this twig fort by Little City Farm? It’s a fun long-term project since you can get your whole crew involved in gradually finding the twigs and building the fort. To get the details, click here.

Outdoor Reading Nook

If you’ve got a little bookworm on your hands, encourage them to get outside by crafting a cute fort like this one from Desde My Ventana. With pillows, a stack of books and a few snacks on hand, they’ll be set for the whole afternoon.

Sail Away

File this under coolest idea ever: Ana White has created a sailboat fort that doubles as a sandbox. If you’re an avid DIYer, you can knock this out pretty quickly. Get all the instructions by clicking here.

—Susie Foresman



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Feature photo: jodimitchell via Flickr