What’s better than snuggling with your baby in a cozy carrier? Snuggling with your sweet babe and then restoring the carrier for a new family who needs it!

What Is Everlove?

Parent-trusted brand ​Ergobaby​ has recently launched an amazing buyback, restore, and resell program. It’s called ​Everlove and it’s the first of its kind, offering families the opportunity to either send in their no-longer-needed carrier for a gift card, or buy a pre-loved one at a discount. The result is a win-win for families everywhere, and major points for the environment as the Everlove program is estimated to save up to 96% of energy use, 95% of water use, and 84% of CO2 emissions for each carrier. And it’s no surprise that this kind of innovative thinking is coming from the first and only to company to introduce a lifetime warranty — the ErgoPromise Guarantee.

How Does It Work?

Families can simply send in an Ergobaby carrier and then choose from a $50 gift card to Ergobaby.com, a $20 gift card to a retailer of their choice, or a $30 donation made on their behalf to Baby2Baby. Anyone who purchases one of these premium, pre-owned pieces of baby gear can rest assured that the carrier has passed a 30-point inspection for maximum quality and durability, plus a sustainable and baby-safe deep cleaning process. The result is an Ergobaby that’s as good as new.

What if My Carrier Is Dirty?

Don’t fret if your Ergobaby has been on the receiving end of some serious baby bodily fluids. Carriers in need of a little extra oomph are pre-treated with a citrus-based detergent that leaves behind no residual moisture or scents. They’ll be sure that a new family receives a safe, snug and long-lasting carrier that boosts baby-caregiver bonding.


It’s not just the carrier you can pass along. Each family that sells their Ergobaby carrier through Everlove is asked to leave a story, words of encouragement, a small note or a memory for the new owners. The new family just looks up the unique ID number stamped on their Ergobaby to read it.

Pass It On

There’s a lot of reasons to participate in the Everlove program, but we think the best part is knowing that a new family will get lots of love and use out of you and your sweet babe’s carrier. And that Ergobaby can go on a new set of adventures.

Everlove by Ergobaby is building its inventory and getting ready to spread the love. The online shop will launch in late Spring 2020. So get a jumpstart on spring cleaning and send yours in to find a new family!

To learn more about the program, visit ergobaby.com/everlove.

Ergobaby will match the first 100 carriers sent in with a baby carrier donation to Baby2Baby! BABY2BABY provides children living in poverty, ages 0-12 years, with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves.

—Whitney C. Harris