Half-pint hackers need to start somewhere—these keyboard shortcuts will not only save time but make you and your kiddie coders feel like you can speak a secret language. From basics that every book-report-writer needs to know to more advanced (and funny) secret weapons, our cheat sheet will have you playing the keys like a pro in no time.

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The Basics 

Control+C lets you copy any line of text or photos to your clipboard, while keeping a copy of the text in its original location.

Command+W is the quickest way to close the current tab in your browser. But you have nothing to hide, right?

Shift+ALT+4 will let you capture a specific screen grab. Hold down all three keys while you use the hatch mark to indicate the area you want to grab. It will save as an image on your desktop. For Windows users, just press PRINT SCREEN.

Control+Z lets you undo WHATEVER it is you just did. Did you delete too much too soon? Copy something into the wrong spot? This combo is a savior.

Control+S will save your work. Make hitting this combo a habit and you will be protected if your power dies or some other bug causes your computer to crash.

The Secret Weapons

For Macs
For real audiophiles, Option+Shift+F11+F12 will lower or raise the volume in smaller increments than the typical volume symbols. Can you hear me now?

Control+Option+Command+8 reverses the colors on your screen. Now try going back and forth real, real fast. You will be transfixed.

Watching a YouTube video of a chick hatching? 1, 2, 3 will advance the video to 10 percent completion, 20 percent completion, 30 percent completion, respectively (and so on and so forth).

Control+Command+D will define any highlighted word. Who needs a Dictionary?


For Windows
Control+Alt+Down Arrow magically rotates your monitor screen to 180 degrees. (this key combo only works with computers who have Intel graphics chipsets and may not work on all PCs)

Left Alt + Left Shift + Print Screen will turn on the high contrast visibility setting on any computer set. Trippy!

Windows key + “+” then Ctrl + Alt + F makes your screen bigger, which can annoy users who prefer a certain screen size.

Windows key + “+” then windows key + “-” then Ctrl + Alt + I. This shortcut can turn the colors on your monitor screen upside down; it’s a great prank to make someone think their computer has gone haywire.

Do you have any indispensable shortcuts to share? Let us know in the comments below!