Once you start potty training, there’s no turning back. It’s a wild ride filled with training pants, accidents, potty time rituals, and rewards charts – in short a messy job that takes dedication and patience. But there are a few apps that can help with the process. We’ve uncovered five of our favorite smart phone apps that help make potty training more rewarding for everyone involved.

Pull Ups Big Kid App

Developed by the makers of Pulls Up training pants, this app gives potty time reminders at set intervals, so your child never forgets to go. Virtual stickers, games, and songs reward children for a potty job well-done. Set up congratulatory calls from your child's favorite Disney character. Who doesn't want to hear from Sully or Lightning McQueen?

Available on the iPhone, iPad, and Android for free.

Download here: pull-ups.com

Moms, what are your favorite potty training apps? Share with us in the comments below.

— Christina Fielder