Once you start potty training, there’s no turning back. It’s a wild ride filled with training pants, accidents, potty time rituals, and rewards charts – in short a messy job that takes dedication and patience. But there are a few apps that can help with the process. We’ve uncovered five of our favorite smart phone apps that help make potty training more rewarding for everyone involved.

Potty Time with Elmo

In this app, everyone's favorite little red monster helps kids potty train through interactive story telling, sing-a-longs, games and more. Track progress on a Elmo themed potty chart and count down to the transition from diapers to big boy pants with an animated sticker book. With the press of a button your child is treated to cool sound effects like applause, cheers, and laughter for a job well done.

Available on the iPhone and iPad for $2.99.

Download here: itunes.apple.com/us/app/potty-time-with-elmo

Moms, what are your favorite potty training apps? Share with us in the comments below.

— Christina Fielder