When your kiddos were born you were gifted the obvious essentials — diapers, bottles, and bibs, oh my. Yes, these baby necessities are important and sensible gifts; but you’ve been around the block enough times to know that the fun gifts are more memorable. We’ve rounded up the best newborn booty on Etsy, so the next time you’re welcoming a baby to the world, you can hit our list for the cutest finds with just a click of the mouse.

The Milestones Poster, $45

Why New Parents Will Love This: This poster offers easy fill-in-the-blanks to keep track of the important milestones you may forget during the baby never sleeps brain fog. Since it’ll be right up in the nursery as artwork, you can keep a pen close by to record the special moments from baby’s first roll to his first food.

Size: 20” x 30” poster

Etsy Vendor: StrangeBirdy

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Written by: Sarah Choi

all photos courtesy of the Etsy vendors.