Celebs—they’re just like us! Some get pregnant, have babies and go back to work—just like us! But instead of putting their kiddos in the newborn nursery room at the office daycare, they get to bring them onto set. New mom Eva Longoria recently went back to work—and she brought a very special AD (that’s assistant director in Hollywood parlance) with her!

Longoria gave birth to baby Santiago Enrique back in June, but that hasn’t stopped the new mama from getting back to work.

The actress, who is currently executive producing the ABC show Grand Hotel, recently posted a sweet pic of her first day back at work with baby. Longoria captioned the photo, “First day back to work and look who is my assistant director! Has a desk and everything! #WorkingMama #BabyBaston.”

Well it looks like Longoria will have plenty more opportunities to bring her beautiful baby to work with her. Reports recently surfaced that the actress is set to join the cast of the new Dora the Explorer movie as Dora’s mother.

Even though the movie’s release date isn’t until Aug. 2, 2019, there’s already plenty of buzz about the live-action Dora reboot. But that means baby Santiago will probably still be a bit too young to sit attentively and watch his mama on the big screen.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Eva Longoria via Instagram



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