No matter how stylish and opinionated you are about clothing, your kids will have their own ideas about what makes the perfect outfit. The question is, do you let your mini fashionistas make their own statements—or not? Eva Mendes lets her daughters wear whatever they want and her reasoning is on point.

If your tot’s idea of fashion-forward is mismatched socks and PJs for days, you’re not alone. As Eva Mendes explained to E! News at an event for The Eva Mendes Collection at New York & Company, she doesn’t fight her daughters’ taste when it comes to clothing.

“Thank God there’s no fashion talk [at home]. I let them wear whatever they want,” Mendes said. “They have the right…they want to wear jammies all day or if they want to go in a costume to the market, I let them do that stuff.”

When it comes to parenting her daughters, Esmeralda and Amada, Mendes sticks with the “choose your battles” strategy. Understanding that she can’t fight them on everything, she leaves the fashion choices to them and saves her wins for the more important stuff, like vegetables. “I’m trying to get them to eat broccoli. That’s the one I want to win. They can wear whatever they want,” Mendes explained.

Do you let your kids pick their own outfits? Share your thoughts in the comments.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Eva Mendes via Instagram 


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