Submitting Events

Q: I can’t find an event that I made, help!
A: You can check the status of any event by logging in and clicking “manage my events”. This will open a dashboard that will show the names, status, and (if the events are approved) links to each event on our site. Your event must be approved to show up on our site. In addition, past events are removed from the site, so the link provided will no longer work if your event has passed.

Q: How do I make a change to my event?
A: You can edit an event by logging in, clicking “manage my events” then clicking on the name of the event you want to edit. Then, click “edit event” in the top left, make the necessary edits, and resubmit. Edited events must be re-approved before they can be live on our site.

Q: My event takes place over many dates and times, how do I make sure that is reflected?
A: When submitting an event you have the option to make your event repeat. If you select this option, you are essentially making a copy of your event for each day you select. These events must all occur at the same time. If your event takes place on different days and with different times for each day, you will need to create a separate event for each day.

Q: My event was rejected – why?
Our editors may reject your event for several reasons. Some common reasons are listed below:
– It’s not kid friendly
– It’s a series of events that you must sign up for in advance
– It’s a summer camp
– It’s an event for parents only
– School open houses
– It doesn’t happen in the U.S.
We try to approve as many appropriate events as possible. If you have further questions about why an event was rejected, email us at

I tried to confirm my account and I got an error. What do I do?
It is possible that your account has already been confirmed. Try logging in. If you are able to, your account has already been confirmed. If you try to sign in and you receive an error message that says “email ownership not confirmed,” you can try selecting “resend confirmation email” to confirm your email address again. If these steps don’t work, email and we can help you out.

What does that mean to “Feature” my event and how do I do that?
For information on Featured Events see our Featured Events FAQ page.


Got more questions? Shoot us an email at