How seriously do your kids take school? Do they realize the importance that learning has for them? Do they look to their future and understand that what they’re doing right now can impact the rest of their life? School might not seem like a big deal, but one teacher wants all kids to understand the awesomeness that is an education. Check out what sixth-grade teacher Terrance Sims did to motivate his, and all, students.

The teacher from Milwaukee Excellence Charter School knows the importance of an education. And in an effort to help everyone understand this, he created a rap video and posted it on YouTube.

The rap, “Excellence First!” stars two of Sims’ students  — Aryn Fears and Savannah Patterson. This isn’t the first time that Sims has used music to help his students. He told Good Morning America, “I use hip-hop in my class because that’s the culture they represent.”

But that doesn’t mean students from other places across the country can’t or won’t get just as much out of this video. The universal message to get an education and stay motivated is something that every child should hear — that is, actually hear and take to heart.

Not only is the message (that an education and college are attainable to everyone) resonating with students, but some pretty famous adults are also into it. Celebs such as Jada Pinkett Smith and former First Lady Michelle Obama have plenty of encouragement and positive things to say, over social media, to these students.

How do you encourage your child to excel at school? Share your tips in the comments below.