If watching the Olympics has been inspiring your kids to hit the ice rink or hop on a snowboard, then you’re not alone. The next generation of winter Olympic competitors will emerge in another four years and until then a lot of young athletes are getting prepped for the event with kids competing in their own #EverydayOlympics.

Young Olympics fans across the country are sharing their own training methods on social media. Here are a few awesome contenders who deserve to take home gold

The one-toddler bobsled event.

When sports and chores collide.

Everyone knows cross-country training starts indoors.

The future luge contender clearly has a need for speed.

Check out more kids competing in their own Olympics on Instagram.

Do you have some future Olympians at home? Share your own #EverydayOlympics moments in the comments.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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