When a child loses his or her first tooth, it’s a very big deal in most households and one that is celebrated with great fanfare! The ninth or twelfth tooth? Not so much. Kids have a LOT of teeth and parents (aka the tooth fairy) have a lot on their plate already. So what do you say to a disappointed child that just discovered the tooth fairy was a little forgetful last night? We asked around and found a few crafty parents with very clever excuses you can borrow next time the tooth fairy fails to show. Keep reading to see them all.

Leave a (Not-So) Subtle Hint

"They were busy watching YouTube and couldn't make it"

—Mario, TX

Blame It on the Rain

"The tooth fairy can't go out in the wind or rain, her wings are too fragile!"

—Cathy, NZ

More Sleeping!

"You must have been moving around a lot, and she thought you were waking up!" —Kyla, NC

International Travel Woes

"She got held up at Customs (TSA was skeptical about the bag of teeth)."

—Brandi, CA

Blame It on the Big Man

"Emergency meeting with Santa!" 

—Molly, NJ

Pearly White Persuasion

"The tooth was too dirty. Try brushing it and the rest of your teeth REAL good!" 

—Amanda, MA


"Your room was too messy, and she couldn't get in!"

—Sarah, IL

Fake It 'Til You Make It

"Just drop money on the living room floor, and say she got confused."

—Julie, DE

Dang It, Technology

"Her GPS made her take a wrong turn, and she got lost!"

—Sarah, NC

It's All about Timing!

"__________ is her day off!"

—Heid, AK

Ask the Experts!

"Taking it to the dentist to see how much it's worth."

—Myla, NJ

photo: @Fakeadultmom

Go Above & Beyond

Our winner for "Best Tooth Fairy Excuse" goes to Renee from @fakeadultmom. When her daughter lost her tooth on vacation, and she couldn't sneak away from the hotel to grab cash, she set up an email account from "Tooth Fairy Corp" and sent the clever message you see here. Happy Tooth Fairying!

—Heather Millen



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