photo: Square Roots Festival

The season of picnics and concerts in the park is in full swing. Though you probably don’t need any extra excuses to dance under blue skies with your kids; a new study proves that those summer jams are good for your well-being.

A recent study published in Sage Journals titled, If You’re Happy and You Know It: Music Engagement and Subjective Wellbeing found that people who actively engaged with music by dancing and attending musical events had higher levels of subjective wellbeing, or life satisfaction. While actually creating or performing music was found to encourage self-esteem and confidence, you don’t have to be a musician to reap the health benefits of live music. Interacting with music as a listener is also associated with higher mood, according to the study.

Popping in your earbuds will not have the same effect, however. It needs to be a live concert or performance in order to elevate your mood. The study concludes that this is probably due to the fact that a concert is an interactive, social experience. The bonding component of a concert plays a big part in the boost of emotional wellbeing. So grab your tiny dancers and go rock out.

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