Just as the name implies, Treasure Island is a little jewel in the Bay. But like an oyster, you have to crack open its shell to get to the pearl. Unlike Rome, almost no roads lead to Treasure Island‹it’s only accessible by the Bay Bridge and one bus that leaves from the less-than-hospitable Transbay Terminal. But don’t let that stop you from getting to the island and bringing along anything with wheels‹the island is a great place for riding or rolling with its wide, nearly deserted streets and recently opened esplanade with great views of SF, the Golden Gate, and the North Bay. There are many open fields on the island yearning for a few rounds of touch football or maybe a kite-flying session. Maybe you’ll even see a movie star wandering around near the warehouse that are sometimes leased out to film companies: parts of “Rent” and “Milk” were filmed out here. But be sure to bring your own picnic fare‹there’s a dearth of shops and restaurants Finish off the day with a trip by Clipper Cove, just at the entrance to the island.. Down a long flight of stairs, Clipper Cove is a little expanse of beach on the backside of a hill and out of the wind. With the sun on the water and yachts in the harbor, it’s easy to pretend you’ve jet-setted some place fabulous for the weekend. (You’ll snap out of it when your little “natives” get restless.)

Bonus: MobMov is a “guerilla drive-in” that often shows movies on Treasure Island for free. Enter your e-mail address to get on their distribution list.
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