Update your summer wardrobe with these three fun new styles for kids. From the cutest socks we’ve ever seen to luxe pajamas they’ll never want to take off, here are a few fab finds to upgrade your kiddo’s closet.

Cute Vs. Socks
It’s a battle of the feet once your kid slips on a pair of Vs. Socks. Each pair comes in playful styles like Lion vs. Tiger, Shark vs. Penguin and Cat vs. Dog, and are made with super soft durable material. And for all you mamas who are eyeing a pair for yourself, Vs. Socks come in adult sizes, too. Get yours online at vsstuff.com for $9.


Little Twig and Sparrow PJ’s
Look beyond dinosaur, train and Sponge Bob prints with Little Twig and Sparrow’s first line of pajamas that are stylish, durable and oh-so-comfy. The mod-design is made of Tanguis cotton grown in Peru and will surely be so popular that your kids may actually look forward to their bedtime routine. Get yours at littletwigandsparrow.com for $49.

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Peek-a-Zoo Tees
Get in the animal spirit with Peek-a-Zoo tees. The headless animals printed on each shirt range from a ferocious shark to a serene sea horse. Added learning time bonus: the back of each style features fun facts about the animal on the front. Get yours online at mypeekazoo.com starting at $22.


What new style would your kids love?

– Erin Lem