As students continue to navigate the holidays and classrooms and parents adjust to working back in the office, we are all looking for more comfortable options to protect each other. Many people are foregoing face masks and optioning for face shields, instead. The flip down face visors rest on the forehead, most with comfy adjustable straps that offer better airflow than fabric masks. If you’re looking for a face shield, keep reading to see some of the top sellers.

Sam's Club

This lightweight face shield leaves plenty of room for glasses and a mask underneath and comes with an elastic headband for a tight fit. Coming in colorful and fun designs, it makes wearing a face covering fun.

Size: Kids

Cost: $7.88 for a pack of three

Available at

Rebel Shields

Rebel Shields' visor is attached to a steel hinge, so the wearer can flip up the visor when not in use. The graphic is made of perforated film for clear one-way visibility and a padded headband makes the visor comfortable enough to wear all day.

Size: One size fits all

Cost: $22+

Available at


PPE manufacturer Ripclear has just launched kids sizes. Coming in two styles (pink bunny and panda), each mask is lined with 3/4" foam around the forehead and a soft elastic headband. Ripclear face shields also offer 91 percent optical transparency and is a certified medical face shield.

Size: Kids and adult

Cost: $20 for a pack of five for kids, $90 for a 20 pack for adults

Available at


Online marketplace Etsy has tons of face shield options, but we love Proted's lineup because of the versatile flip up option. With a 90 degree rotation, these face shield's are great for kids and adults. They lay flat when not in use, are adjustable, easy to disinfect and can be worn with glasses and a mask if desired.

Size: Kids, teens and adults

Cost: $13.95+

Available at Proted via


A quick search on Amazon will bring up plenty of kids and adult face shield options.

Size: Kids and adults

Price: Varies

Available at

Shop Bop

For everyday comfort and style, Gemelli's black hat with attached face covering is a go-to. The visor is made of PVC and the hat has an adjustable strap to adjusting.

Size: Adult

Cost: $35

Available at


Zazzle's offers so many designs, we can't keep track! The company's clear face shields are made with PET plastic that is lightweight and easy to wear. They come with an adjustable band and make wearing a cinch.

Size: Kids and adults

Cost: $8.95

Available at


Polaroid's optical grade, high clarity shield comes with an adjustable black strap so it can fit almost anyone. The curved visor makes for easy viewing and can be easily worn with glasses.

Size: One size fits all

Cost: $35

Available at

––Karly Wood



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