photo: Pixabay

If you’re starting to think your Facebook news feed looks different, you aren’t wrong. Periodically the social media powerhouse changes things up, throwing what you see into total upheaval. Oh, if you didn’t already notice — no, Facebook does not just show you everything that each friend you follow posts. And now Facebook is making more changes to what you see when you log on.

The steady stream of random “viral videos” from companies who you may have liked a billion years ago and news articles that just happen to feature the products you googled yesterday are going away. Kind of.

Videos and news articles aren’t exactly going the way of the dinosaurs. They’ll still be there. But now Facebook is putting “meaningful” content at the top of the priority list. Instead of seeing posts that if you could, you would put in a spam folder, your news feed will show you posts by friends you interact often with.

So what’s with the changes? Basically, Facebook wants you to have a better experience. Instead of the negative Nancy-esque virals and the worlds-gonna-end news posts that may have shown up on your feed day after day after day, you’ll now get plenty of socially positive vibes.

Go ahead and like that photo of your cousin’s sweet little smiling toddler. You may be rewarded with more cute kiddo posts and other similar sorts of happiness!

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