photo: Facebook

You can now add one more platform to the growing list of ways to watch shows as Facebook has joined the fray. With the launch of Facebook Watch, the social media network is adding original programming to its services for even more to distract you online.

Facebook Watch, which expanded from a month-long trial to a service now available to all US users last week, is available via mobile apps and the desktop site. When you click the Watch Tab you’ll find a various assortment of video content, under headings like “Popular Now”, “Most Talked About” and “Suggested For You.” At the moment, the tool is essentially a way to get a look at some of the most viral videos circulating Facebook without having to scroll through your newsfeed or worry about missing a popular post. The idea, however, is that the social media giant will eventually build on this with original programming to rival other services, like Netflix and Apple, who plans to roll out its own original shows shortly.

Already there are a few original options, most are reality-style and produced by third parties that already create much of the video content that populates Facebook newsfeeds, like BuzzFeed and Mashable. You will also recognize a few favorites that probably make it in to your mom-friendly feed, like the Holderness family, who has their own channel called HolderMESS. There are also a few channels that are targeted to kids, like Oh My Disney Show.

So far Facebook Watch feels a lot more like YouTube than Netflix and it’s a little tricky to navigate since there’s no way to search for specific genres of content, but considering Facebook’s history, this is probably just the beginning of something much bigger ahead.

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