Have a kid who’s enchanted by stories of knights in shining armor and fairytale princesses?   Now it’s possible to bring these timeless tales to life on the iPad with My Story World, an engaging and educational app featuring characters new and old, like Cinderella, Rapunzel, and more.  Each story boasts fully animated scenes accompanied by fun sound effects and music that’s sure to keep your kids immersed in each story.

While our kids may love Woody, Nemo, and Dora as much as we love a tall glass of mom juice post 8:00pm bedtime (ok, maybe not as much), classic fairytales sans the high tech animation will always be at the top of our list. For your kid’s next birthday party throw it back to your own childhood with a magical fairy tale theme, which will surely impress young and old alike. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired. Now that’s what we call a happy ending.

An Enchanting Cinderella Birthday
How do you treat a princess to a special first birthday? By throwing her a ball, of course! With a little help and a remarkable attention to detail, Victoria’s parents transformed a picturesque outdoor venue into an enchanted space for little Victoria and all of her guests. With carriage-shaped party favors, glass slipper cookies, and dainty rock candy wands, every aspect of the party fit the Cinderella theme perfectly. Lucky for us, superstar photographer Alan Phillip was there to capture all the stunning moments for Victoria’s special day.


The pink and blue color scheme brought a pop of color to the party, and allowed Victoria’s parents to create a whole spread of appropriately colored treats for their guests. We love the folded paper slippers filled with little treats and cookies shaped like Cinderella’s dress. Even the cake pops looked like little silver pumpkins.



Victoria was more than surprised to see Cinderella and Prince Charming show up to her party and read her a story.



By the looks of it, Victoria had an amazing day!


Trapped in a Fondant Tower: Rapunzel Birthday Cake
Sure, Rapunzel might have been locked in the tower against her will, but if she had been trapped in the highest room of this fondant tower we don’t think she’d be complaining too much. Stephanie of Cakephoria spent over 40 hours building this deliciously sweet piece of architecture, (honestly, we’re pretty sure this dessert has graduated from “cake” to “confectionary masterpiece.”) painstakingly hand painting and gluing everything from Rapunzel herself to the individual tiles on the tower roof.


The tower itself is comprised of a wooden base affixed to a pipe that holds up the cake. To achieve the brick effect on the tower base, Stephanie layered it with bits of cereal and covered it in chocolate frosting. The delicate greenery and other flowers were hand-piped onto the cake once the piece was fully assembled. We’re amazed by the level of detail that went into this cake, which probably tastes as good as it looks.


A Sweet Hansel & Gretel Twin Birthday Party
Glossing over the part about the witch who tries to eat them, the story of Hansel and Gretel is filled with all kinds of wonderful treats that would make our little sugar monsters salivate with delight (what kid wouldn’t want to live in a gingerbread house?). And since there’s no better theme for a twin’s birthday party, Mariah of Giggles Galore decided to run with her Hansel and Gretel idea and set out to plan a deliciously sweet (but not too sweet!) party for her two little ones. Choosing a local park for its rustic setting, Mariah was able to create a woodland space that looks just like the woods that Hansel and Gretel ventured through in the story. Of course, we wouldn’t be able to show off these amazing images without the help of Elayne Dunn Photography.

Hansel and Gretel Cookies

The witch’s cottage was a life-size cardboard cutout made by Mariah’s husband and was a huge hit with the kids.

Hansel and Gretel Party in the Woods

All of the treats at the party had a whimsical flair. The cake toppers and cookies were carefully decorated to look like little miniatures of the storybook characters.

Hansel and Gretel Lunch

We love the natural decorations like the wooden stumps, floral bouquet, and “mossy” carpet.

Hansel and Gretel Dessert Table

For the trip home: a make-your-own trail mix station. Genius!

Hansel and Gretel Trail Mix

Through the Woods: Little Red Riding Hood Dessert Table
According to the story, Little Red Riding Hood was on her way to visit grandma with a basket full of goodies. But did you know that Little Red Riding Hood made a pit stop along the way? She stopped by to wish little Chloe a happy birthday and to drop off a few treats to help her celebrate. Just look at all the delicious desserts laid out on this spread–simply decadent. Thanks to Little Birdie Events, we’re able to show off all the hard work that went into planning this delightful dessert spread.

In keeping with the picnic theme of the story, there was no shortage of red and white checkered patterns. The party planning team Gerri and Carole at Little Birdie Events used the brick wall as an accent and threw in a whole color palette of reds and greens to give the party a bit of Scandinavian flair. The green accents really made the red color stand out. We really like the cherry tree branches framing the table and the hanging print–it really highlights the cake as the centerpiece of the table and brings everything together. The Little Red Riding Hood cake was courtesy of Mother Hubbard Cakes.


We love the natural look of the entire spread. The moss-covered wooden lollipop stand is an especially nice touch.


How adorable are these macarons? Specially designed to pair with the fairytale theme, these little red apple macarons by Marche du Macaron were apple and cinnamon flavored.


Straight out of Little Red Riding Hood’s picnic basket, these Raspberry jam tarts look just like mini pies–perfect for little munchkins to pop into their mouths. Behind them, mocha macarons covered in sugar toadstools and pinecones encased in large glass jars brought out the woodland vibe. We’re big fans of the adorable little food tags.


Red Riding Hood was so called because of the red cloak she wore over hear head. So of course these mini glass bottles were also outfitted with red ribbon, and each striped straw was adorned with a red bow. Too cute!


We’re totally blown away with all the effort that went into planning these amazing birthday parties. Be sure to check out all the amazing photos for each party by clicking through to the photographer websites. And don’t forget to show the party-planning mommas a little love, too!

Still looking for more storybook-inspired birthday fun? Check out this utterly mad tea party inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

What is your kiddo’s favorite fairy tale?

–Scott Wardell

all Cinderella party photos courtesy of Alan Phillip Photography
all Rapunzel cake photos courtesy of Stephanie at Cakephoria

all Hansel & Gretel party photos courtesy of Mariah at Giggles Galore and Elayne Dunn Photography
all Little Red Riding Hood photos courtesy of Little Birdie Events

a very special thanks to Alan, Mariah, Gerri, and Carole for all their help in bringing this story together!