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Mom to 3, styling real life in Portland, Oregon

As the cold and rainy season moves in, figuring out how to survive a COVID/quarantine winter has been top of mind for me. Summer made living in a quarantine relatively easy because we could do so much outside. But now, the warm days are gone, replaced with clouds and cold temps. Normally, the Oregon winter drives me indoors, save a few dog walks, but this year I am vowing to do things differently.
COVID has changed how I view so much, and one thing is my perspective on the outdoors. For too long I have taken living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for granted. However, right now, the outdoors is the #1 option our family has for doing anything fun outside the house. And this mom is determined to find a way to make it work.
There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing, right? I think that’s how the expression goes. We just need the right layers.
This is what my family is wearing to stay warm in the outdoors this fall and winter.
Last weekend we headed to a local arboretum to see the fall colors and brave the brisk temps. Side note: face masks make great face warmers! We wore ours too but took them off for photos.
It’s truly amazing what being outdoors does for everyone’s spirits. Something about being under the open sky makes the kids feel freer and I feel more at ease.

We are currently brainstorming a list of local hikes to hit this fall and winter. I’d like to get to the coast and show the kids Ft. Stevens, I think they’d enjoy the history. I also came across this very comprehensive list of Oregon hikes, and can’t wait to tackle some of them!
One silver lining of this Covid era: we might just become more outdoorsy people, and I am excited about that.


I often tend to shy away from the outdoors when it gets cold because most technical jackets just don't jive with my style. This Cord Fjord Coat is great because it's way more interesting than your typical puffer. It has a slight vintage vibe, but the fit is more relaxed, which makes it feel modern. The flannel and corduroy fabric feel so much more cozy than your typical nylon-y fabric.

Patagonia Cord Fjord Coat

A unicorn jacket because it's both warm (600 fill power!) and stylish (hello corduroy!)



This hat has become a staple for our family members because it's soft, warm, and comes in so many colors. I also love that it's made in the USA!

A18 Watch Hat

A pop of color makes cloudy days less dreary



The little pack is sleek and small, perfect for wearing around your waist, *under* your coat, or slung crossbody *over* your coat. Either way, it's a lot easier than carrying a traditional purse!

Nike Heritage Fanny Pack

Hands-free hiking is a must!



These boots are my go-to for the outdoors right now because they are warm, comfortable, and can stand up to wet weather. I really love that they look like normal, everyday boots and not 'technical' or rain boots.

Water-resistant chelsea boot

Another shining example of function AND style



We are very much urban types, who are striving to be outdoors more, and this jacket is the best of both worlds. It's sturdy, industrious and warm, yet it has a sleek, polished look to it with flap pockets and snap closures.

Washed Duck Jacket

Workwear for city life



My 11-year-old loves this jacket because the slim fit makes her feel grown up, and the long length keeps her warm. Bonus: there are thumb holes in the sleeves that she uses approximately 100% of the time.

Columbia Heavenly Long Hooded Jacket (Women's)

Sleek and cozy, good for women and 'tweens



This one is a bit like a blanket with a zipper. It's so snuggly I catch my daughter wearing it almost every day. It's a great base layer, and would work well under a parka on colder days.

Girls’ Sherpa Fleece

So soft and warm, it's wearable 24/7



My little boy hates wearing coats and instead lives in hoodies. This jacket is a bit of a hero for us because it looks like a hoodie, but with the canvas outside and quilted inside, it's a sneaky winter coat!

Carhartt Flannel Quilt Lined Jacket

Looks like a sweatshirt, acts like a jacket



Kids' Acrylic Watch Hat

Beanies in u-pick colors!

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My kids love to show their personalities with what they wear, including their favorite colors. I love these beanies because they are bright and colorful, but not over the top. Heck, they're even cool. My kids like them because they're soft.