2020 is (finally) almost over, but there’s no reason why you can’t make the best of November. After all, it’s smack-dab in the middle of the holiday season, and it’s always fun to celebrate being thankful and family togetherness during this last month of fall. Here are 30 fun family activities that will sure to strengthen family bonding during November, and all of them take less than an hour. 

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1. Jump in a pile of leaves.

2. Learn a fact or two about Day of the Dead

3. Practice gratitude and learn another language. Say “thank you” in 20 different languages.

4. Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour on Nov. 1st! 

5. Sandwich Day is Nov. 3rd. Make one of these 19 tasty grilled cheese sandwiches.

6. Nov. 3 is also Election Day. We rounded up easy election games for kids, and if you haven’t yet, go vote!!

7. Have every family member write or draw what they’re thankful for, and share it around the Thanksgiving table.

8. Play a game of family football.

9. Start a new family tradition, such as decorating the house or watching the Thanksgiving Day parade together.

10. Read one of the year's best books (so far).

11. Nov. 9 is Go to an Art Museum Day. Since many are still closed, check out this list of virtual exhibits instead

12. Have some quick fun with these minute to win it games

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13. Celebrate World Kindness Day on Nov. 13. Need ideas? Here are 77 acts of kindness to practice.

14. Keep kids busy with Thanksgiving-themed coloring and activity pages. From connect-the-dots to turkey bingo, these will keep your little ones busy for the month of November.

15. Teach your kiddos about Veteran’s Day. And then practice one of these five ways to thank a veteran.

16. Play an indoor game to get kids moving on a cold day.

17. Snag one of these conversation starter packs and organize family dinner at least once a week.

18. Pick a riddle and work together to solve it! 

19. Print out one of these scavenger hunts for educational fun. 

20. Find an online art tutorial and get creative! 

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21. Make a pumpkin pie. To save time, use shortcuts like a pre-made pie crust and pumpkin puree. Here are 11 cool pie ideas that aren’t the standard variety. 

22. Make a baking soda-powered boat

23. Make a card for a relative just because; decorate it and have every family member sign it. 

24. Try your hand at mask making. Trust us, it can be done! 

photo: Gabby Cullen

25. If the weather is nice enough, head outside with some sidewalk chalk

26. Pick one of our favorite 30-minute meals and make it with the kids. 

27. Play a quick game before bedtime

28. Look through an old photo album. If it’s possible, ask relatives for their albums as well, so your kids can learn about their family tree.

29. Teach the kids a card trick.

30. Play one of these creative LEGO games


—Gabby Cullen with Leah Singer

Featured image: iStock 



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