For many of us, the pandemic has simply pushed our online shopping habits into overdrive. And while we (and our UPS driver) know what’s perpetually in our online shopping cart, what are other parents buying?

Boxed, the online retailer, recently released the top five things families are buying in quarantine, and the quantity of each. It’s clear from the results that families aren’t taking any chances running out of goods—they’re stocking up in large quantities.

Here are their findings over the last 90 days:

  • Toilet Paper: Boxed has sold enough toilet paper to wrap around the world about 8.5 (!!) times
  • Wine: Enough gallons of wine to fill 173 kiddie pools (helping parents get through that August heat!)
  • Cereal: Boxed customers have bought enough cereal to equal the weight of 63 Honda Civics.\
  • Hand Sanitizer: Boxed has sold enough hand sanitizer to fill up the average gas tank 2,298 times.
  • Baking Mixes: Boxed customers have bought enough baking mixes to equal out to the weight of 118 grand pianos

Surprised or not really? Share this story on your social pages and tell us what you’re stocking up on during quarantine. 

—Erin Lem

featured image: Pexels 


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