photo: Mark Sykes via Flickr

Imagine being lost in the Scottish Highlands. Umm, not exactly fun. You’re scared. The kids are scared. You’re wondering, “Who will rescue us?” Well, in the case of one family of six, the answer to that question ended up being the Hogwarts Express! Yep. The stranded family was rescued by the famed Harry Potter train. Read on to get the scoop on how this happened and what these very lucky children thought about their impromptu train ride.

When Scottish pastor Jon Cluett and his family (including wife Helen and their four kids) were faced with a long walk, after their canoe was washed away by a storm), they called the police for a rescue. But they certainly didn’t expect what came next.

As it turns out the Jacobite steam train played the famed Hogwarts Express onscreen. Unlike the magical movie version, the Jacobite is the real deal — and it runs on a remote route in the Scottish Highlands. Luckily, for the Cluett children (ages 6 through 12), the train was able to make an unscheduled stop just to pick them up.

Cluett told the Associated Press, “The policeman said, ‘We’ve arranged for the next train passing to stop for you, and you’re not going to believe this but it’s the Hogwarts Express steam train. Your kids are going to love it.’” He went on to add, “They know the Harry Potter films and they know they are filmed in the Highlands.”

Of course, the kids didn’t expect the iconic train. That is, until it showed up!

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