One of my New Year’s resolutions was to bring the kids on more adventures in the nicer weather. Two reasons, they are finally at an age where it is easier to get out and do things without packing the entire house for the trips and secondly because even though it causes me pain I need to do things before I am not able to. So we have been doing trips with my younger sister and her two kids. So in total we have 3 grown kids and 5 little crazies. Now getting them ready and excited to go is one thing, but we have yet to test out the second part, hiking adventures. We have ventured to Boston a few times to go to Legoland, which was great for the littles, went to the Boston Children’s Museum, a complete nightmare, never again! We are planning the New England Aquarium next weekend and I am more excited than the kids to see the new octopus! It is still a little chilly outside for some of the spots I would like to take the kids. Some of them are ‘Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves’ in North Woodstock, New Hampshire, Diana’s Baths in Bartlett New Hampshire, Mount Greylock State Reservation in Lanesborough, Ma, Purgatory Chasm State Park, Middletown, Rhode Island amoung others. This summer I want to fit it lots of hiking spots, please feel free to add in any big ones I forgot to post in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and maybe Maine if we venture out that far.