photo: Shane Pruitt via Twitter

Pregnancy announcements, gender reveals and big life changes in general can sometimes be like tip-toeing across a minefield when it comes to kids, you never really know how they might react to the news of a new sibling, and sometimes it doesn’t end well. For one pair of sisters, however, the surprise announcement that their family was adopting a new baby left them in tears and the video below will probably do the same to you.

When the Pruitt family got a call about a quick adoption they decided to go with it, the only catch was, the couple hadn’t told their two daughters they had a new baby on the way. So they decided to reveal the newest member of the family to her new older sisters with a big surprise. Of course the video has gone viral since they posted it on Twitter because who can get enough of this priceless family moment.

What are some unique ways you introduced your kids to a new sibling? Share your stories in the comments below.